Sunday, 31 March 2013

Potty training day 1-3

I knew potty training would be a challenge but for some reason I was excited about it.  I imagined that we would put Thomas in his pants and of course there would be the occasional accident but he would take to it like a duck to water and tell me if he felt that he might need a wee or poo.

This is why on day one of potty training I felt like I had been dragged through a hedge backwards, been running around like a headless chicken and chasing Thomas around with a potty asking gently if he needed the loo and trying not to lose my temper when he did “have an accident” because I had just asked him if he needed the loo and he had categorically said no.

So day 2 I decided to take another approach.  From looking into this I should take him to the loo rather than asking if he needs the loo.  So day 2 was spent taking Thomas to the loo every half an hour and getting very excited when he did manage to have a wee on the loo.  He wasn’t quite there with the number “2’s” but I felt like we had a breakthrough as he had been weeing on the loo.  

Day 3 I thought we would have cracked it after the wees the on day 2.  I kept asking if he needed the loo to which he replied, in a please stop asking me you are driving me crazy kind of way, No!  After he had been playing in his play house for a while I thought it was a bit quiet and found he had had another ”accident”,  although that was disappointing I still had high hopes.  This must be just a minor setback.  But just shortly after cleaning up there was another one.  Since then everything has happened on the loo but I feel drained and quite anxious about the next few days.  

The emphasis has always been on the pregnancy, birth, feeding, weaning but I have never thought “potty training” is a big deal, but actually it is.  I feel it is a very stressful, delicate time of a toddler and their parents which I certainly have not thought would be such a hard time.

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