Saturday, 2 March 2013

Big boy bed

We had been promising Thomas he could go into a "big boy bed" for a while.  We were a bit apprehensive about it, mainly because the last thing we want in the evenings, the only time we have on our own, is for Thomas to come bounding down the stairs demanding for some of our dinner!

However we decided with this attitude Thomas will never progress and grow up so we went for it.  Sunday morning we told Thomas we were going to do his bed.  Luckily he had a cot bed so we just needed to take a few bits off, add a few other bits and hey presto it was a cute bed!

I sat there watching Hubby and his brother converting the bed and I had flash backs to exactly 3 years ago when I was sat in the same place with a huge baby bump watching the two of them building the cot.  So excited to meet my first baby, wondering what he was going to be like and what the future would hold.  I can't believe time goes so fast and our baby is growing up.  It made me quite emotional but I have decided that I need to embrace the boys growing up and enjoy all the milestones, rather than focusing on the past.  Enjoy the memories and keepsakes I have.

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