Sunday, 17 March 2013

Dad Hearts New York

So My Dad has always loved new experiences and doing new things and since his retirement he has made the most of having the spare time by doing things he has always wanted to do.  From taking a bus to Chichester (which wasn't his favourite thing as it took over 2 hours) to booking a last minute holiday to Mauritius for a relaxing break.
So when he told me he was going to New York I was extremely happy for him (truthfully I was slightly jealous but put on my happy face)  I said I expect Mum will be excited too.  No...Mum wasn't going.  Mum is a bit of a home bird at heart and even though she loves spending time with my Dad she quite often gets taken (dragged as she puts it) to places when she would rather be curled up on the sofa with a glass of Chardonnay watching Emmerdale.  
So the adventure began.  The flight was Tuesday.  A day in early March which had been forecast snow.  Not so great.  Then Monday the snow came.  Then it settled.  Then roads were closed.  So Dad decided to set off on his adventure 8 hours early to make sure he got there in time for the flight.  Unfortunately due to the adverse weather conditions all roads out of Worthing were closed or at a standstill.  I know what you are thinking.  I got a bit panicky too that I was stuck in Worthing with no way of getting out.  So he left it an hour and tried again and this time was more successful.  It did take a while but he got out of Worthing and started his journey to Heathrow.  7 hours early he was on his way. 
4 hours later he arrived at Heathrow, 6 hours before his flight. 
So Dad had a wonderful time in New York.  Did lots of sightseeing, went to a Broadway show, walked around Central Park and despite the stressful start to his break he had a ball!
I have suggested they look after the boys so Phil and I can visit New York.  He agreed but he might have been a big jet lagged/ sarcastic/ tipsy.  But I am not going to let it go!

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