Sunday, 31 March 2013

Launderette Virgin

So Lucas has had a bug and was unwell on our king size duvet.  I thought that I could pop the duvet in our washing machine.  I pushed and shoved but the duvet would not get in.  Then it was stuck so after a tug of war with the washing machine I eventually got the duvet out. 

The only thing for it was a trip to the Launderette.  The only thing I knew about the launderette was what I had seen on Eastenders and unfortunately when I went in there was no Dot Cotton.  I was just faced with lots of machines.

I had no idea what machine to use, some looked like normal size washing machines, some looked very big but I thought they could be driers so after trying to look cool (I understand that I most probably didn't look cool) I just had to give in and ask for help.  So there I was looking like a lost sheep in the launderette and just said aloud to anyone who would listen "I need help"  there were 2 people there and neither spoke so I said "I have a duvet to wash" and luckily someone came to my rescue and said which machine I should use.  So I put the duvet in there.  Then I realised I didn't have enough change (I am not silly, I did take change, I just didn't expect it to cost £5.40!)  So I had to ask if anyone had change - luckily someone did.  Then I had to ask if I could put the liquid and fabric softener in the machine or if I had to use the lid.  The lady said I just use it like a normal washing machine.  After asking how long it would take I decided to pop out to get a magazine and cool down from my stressful, slightly embarrassing encounter at the launderette.

At least I learnt something.  How to use a launderette (and that they don't have instructions, change machines or heating). 

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