Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Potty training days 4-5

So Thomas seems to be getting used to not wearing nappies and is coming round to the fact that he won't wear them again during the day. To begin with he kept saying to Phil that he would wear a nappy the next day. 

I have been taking him to the loo every 30-45 minutes (which is a challenge when you also have a poorly 10 month old)  I have also tried to stay really calm and not get too stressed with him.  So the number 1's have been going well but so far no joy with the number 2's in the loo.  But it is early days and I am staying positive.  Now I know that it isn’t as easy as I had expected and I have accepted that it will take a while.

To encourage him I have brought him his own hand soap and wipes.  I have put them on a low shelf in the bathroom so that he can reach them and he has his own little towel to dry his hands on.  I have moved his stool to the bathroom too so he can reach the taps and climb onto the loo.  He loves being independent and was getting excited that he could flush the chain and wash his hands on his own. 

He is also putting a star on his reward chart every time he goes to the loo.  Before he went to sleep tonight I took him up a heart shaped post it note with well done written on it.  He loved it and knew that it said well done because he had been using the loo.  He was so pleased.  Hoping over the next week it will begin to click and get easier and he will begin to say when he needs the loo.

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