Sunday, 21 April 2013

Aunty time

This week Thomas spent some quality time with his Aunty as "Nanny & Grandad" are away. 

It is easier now that he has a booster seat and that can be easily put in other cars rather than having to strap the car seat in - an obstacle course in itself!

So the day started off with them going to hit balls at the golf course which Thomas loved.  And he seems to be quite good, better than me and catching up with Aunty Nic too.  Then they went  for lunch to Mcdonalds and on to feed the ducks in Arundel.  All things that he enjoys and made extra special because he did it with his Aunty Nic.  To be honest this is the kind of way I would like to spend my day.  Especially the Mcdonalds bit. 

He even got a special golf hat which he loves to wear at home and makes a big deal that this is the golf hat he got with Aunty Nic.

He is a very lucky boy and has the best Aunty who loves to spoil him!

Arundel Wetlands trust website

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