Friday, 2 August 2013

Happy Dinosaur

A friend of mine gave me this idea because they had done it for their son.  I have been using a reward chart on and off but really want to get on top of his cheekiness (or naughtiness!)  So I thought this would be a great idea to reward him and get him to make an effort to be a good boy and to understand the consequence if he isn't.

I even made the picture myself. I painted some white paper blue and green then cut out seagulls (yes that's what the white things randomly placed at the top of the picture are) cut out a cloud and found some animal shapes from a craft set lying around.  Then I printed off 3 dinosaurs on different colour paper.

Red if he has got lots of unhappy faces on his reward chart, orange if he has half and half and then yellow if he has all happy faces. Then we put the dinosaur on the picture.

Every time he starts to play up I just remind him that his yellow dinosaur will go and that puts a stop to it. Most of the time.......

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