Thursday, 21 February 2013

Trying hard

Thomas, who is now coming up to 3, used to be such a good eater but recently he's being tricky.

It could be because his baby brother has arrived. Or just his age where he wants to do the opposite of anything I say.

So most meal times are a stressful chore, with me begging, threatening, pretending to throw away, pretending I don't care when actually I am so wound up that this normally easy task takes 4 times as long, which means his poor brother is sitting around while Thomas picks at food, I am unhappy food is being wasted, then I am disappointed that the same rigmarole has occurred once again.

So often I try different things to encourage him to eat. Hoping that he will just say thank you Mummy and eat at an acceptable speed with no fuss.

This was chicken dippas with mayo and broccoli. He did eat it all, although after an hour and a half and Phil had got home and sat with him while he ate.

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