Friday, 1 February 2013

Mum on her own

Today is the day Thomas goes to Grandma's.  I have been very lucky that even though I have been on maternity leave the Grandparents have still been having Thomas. 

But with the end of my maternity leave looming I thought we ought to get Lucas being used to being away from me after spending day in day out with me for the last 8 months.  Obviously this is only for his benefit....nothing to do with me wanting time on my own ;-)

So mid morning Lucas went to Nanny and Grandads house for 3 hours.  I was really looking forward to time on my own. Just doing nothing. Being me.  Not being yelled at by Thomas to put on another Octanaut DVD or Lucas screaming because Thomas has sat on his head or he is in a position he doesn't like. So I thought it was odd that when the time came to leave my parents (Nanny and Grandads) house I didn't want to go.  But with a gentle push by my Dad off I went.  Alone.  Worrying whether Lucas would miss me, get upset. Will my parents remember to feed him, give him water with his lunch?  Forgetting that they did a great job of bringing me and my Sister up.

Finally I got some time alone.  I did have the urge to clean when I got home.  But at least I didn't have the guilt that I should be playing with Thomas or cooing to the baby.  It was nice sitting in silence and just being me.

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