Tuesday, 27 November 2012

What a morning

The day started off quite nicely with the boys sleeping until just gone seven, I should have known then! 

I went to get Lucas dressed and found he had a bit of a nappy malfunction (if you know what I mean).  Not to worry I thought, I will just pop him in the bath and then wash his clothes and put them on the radiator to dry.

So I sat Lucas on my knee while I was running the bath, the cold water was coming out and the hot water was not following.  Meanwhile I was a bit of a mess too as Lucas had been on my knee.  So I checked and the heating wasn't on either.

The boiler was flashing red which I thought was not a positive sign.  So by then I established I had no heating or hot water. 

I must admit I did start to panic thinking about drying clothes, having a shower, bathing the boys.  Then Thomas started running around saying "oh no, whats happened?" which was kind of cute but not helping my stress levels at 7.45 in the morning.  I couldn't get hold of Phil but eventually he called back and gave me a tip on how to temporarily fix it which I did so everything worked out ok but not a great start to the morning.

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