Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Slimming World Recipes

I got a new Slimming World magazine and after over indulging during our birthdays I thought it was about time i ate better so chose a few recipes and decided to go shopping and give it a whirl.  Here are the photos of my attempt then the magaine photo.

I made tomato soup with basil which had a great flavour and even my hubby and 1 year old loved it.
I also made chicken Kiev’s, chips and added peas (I didn’t make these) This was trickier because I had to put together the chicken with the mixture in the middle then put it in the fridge for 15 mins, then do the coating and put in the fridge for another 15 mins then fry for a couple of minutes then bake so it was a little fiddly but well worth it and I imagine if I wasn’t making everything else it wouldn’t be so stressful and time consuming. I also made a full fat version for the boys so we could all eat together.

As I am working tomorrow I prepared dinner today in the form of beef casserole in a red wine sauce. This smelt delicious and cooked for 5 hours slowly in the oven so the meat is tender and the sauce is really thick, I must admit I did have to do quite a big taste test to check it was ok ;-) So when I get back from work I will just pop a little in the microwave for the boys then reheat mine and my hubbys later when they have gone to bed and we can actually relax and enjoy our food. Of course it was lovely to eat as a family this evening but it is never as relaxing as eating on our own.

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