Saturday, 4 May 2013

Garnier BB cream

I thought I would treat myself to a BB cream as there is so much hype about them on the website and with the gorgeous weather we have been having thought I should wear some sun protection on my face during the day.  The problem was choosing which one to get as there is so many out there.  Garnier had a special offer and after standing in the supermarket looking very dodgy trying to get the internet to work on my phone to check the reviews I decided to give it a try.

I was looking forward to trying it on, hoping that it would make me look 10 years younger! And while it didn’t make me look like a teenager again I wasn’t disappointed with it.  It was easy to apply and is tinted so made my skin look more flawless.   I apply after my moisturiser, it says it is moisturising but I think it would have been a bit gloopy and not have gone on so well without applying a moisturiser first.  It is quite a thick consistency.  Then I wear my make up as normal over the top.  I feel that it is a good base under make up to help smooth lines and even out skintone and has a SPF which is a bonus.  Overall I am happy with it and would buy it again.

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