Sunday, 7 July 2013

Making mistakes

Feels a fool after bring tricked!

I love the thought of morning cuddles with Lucas so when he woke up at six yesterday I looked at him and he looked so sweet and sleepy so it seemed like the right idea to bring him into our bed.  

I had visions of us lying there, snuggling, drifting in and out of sleep until about 8am (then hubby would bring me breakfast in bed but then I realised that would be too much, lol)

So just as we got in the room he was like a different boy.  It was like he suddenly got a burst of energy and was jumping on the bed, beeping noses, squealing, doing raspberries, playing peekaboo.  Really not the relaxing morning I had in mind. If I had known I would have left him cooing in his cot.  

The thing is I was more annoyed at myself for falling for this trick once again.  Maybe next time I will know better.  Or will I?.....

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