Thursday, 31 January 2013

School time

Thomas has now started pre school and seems to be really enjoying it. 

He only goes twice a week but it is good to get him used to being with other people and playing with other children. 

I can't believe how fast time goes.  Before I know it Lucas will be at pre school too!

The first day I stayed with him and it was good to see what happened.  They play for a while and then sit down for story time.  Then they wash their hands ready for a snack of fruit and milk or water and after go and play outside.  When they come back they have a sing song and then its home time.

It is very odd not knowing exactly what he does.  Normally I am just in and out to collect him quite fast as it is a bit chaotic so I don't have time to get much info on what has happened and have to rely on Thomas telling me.  He can bend the truth slightly.  This morning when I asked him if anyone changed his nappy he said no.  So I said I would need to change it before lunch then.  This made him change his mind and said actually yes the teachers had changed his nappy.....7 times!  You see the problem :-)

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