Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Mince pies

I took Thomas to a cafe today while my Mum and Lucas got used to spending time together without me there.

I promised to get Thomas a cake but the cafe didn't do cakes.  The kind man offered a mince pie.  I declined saying that Thomas had never had one and I didn't like them but he insisted that we take a mince pie each "on the house" he said. 

I felt too awkward to say no, so took these mince pies.  My first ever mince pie.  I can never understand why you put raisins in pastry to eat it.  I always thought they might taste slightly burnt.  I ate the pie and was pleasantly surprised. I quite enjoyed it.  

If there is a choice between chocolate cake and mince pie I would still go for the cake but I can now say that I don't mind a mince pie.

So Thomas and I had our first ever mince pies together :-)

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